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Tesla may soon let you start your car with your iPhone


If you're obsessed with feeling like a secret agent, you might already be interested in one of Tesla's sexy electric cars, but if these images of the company's upcoming 6.0 software update are to be believed, you're going to really want one. That's because -- according to a user on the Tesla Motors Club who allegedly has access to the update already -- you'll be able to use your iPhone to start up your vehicle, 007-style.

In the images posted, the update's patch notes describe the ability to use a Tesla Mobile App in place of a standard keyfob if needed. "The new Calendar app also requires use of a new Tesla Mobile App (currently available for iPhone only) - which also has new notifications functionality and the ability to start your car (in case you forget your keyfob)."

Forget the keyfob? How about I leave the keyfob on the countertop and impress all the latte-sippers at the local Starbucks when I tap my iPhone and my Tesla roars to life (or, you know, hums to life)? Yeah, that sounds like a fantastic idea to me.

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