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Touch-based Age of Empires: Castle Siege unveiled for Windows 8


Microsoft revealed Age of Empires: Castle Siege this week, a Smoking Gun Interactive game that's coming to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 next month. Microsoft's Kieffer Bryant described Castle Siege as a "fast-paced experience" built for touch devices, with players dragging units across paths while accumulating resources and building up their cities.

However, it seems fans of the strategy series haven't taken well to the announcement. The majority of YouTube users thumbed-down the announcement trailer (which you'll find below the break), while some commenters derided the game as a Clash of Clans clone that isn't true to the series - Supercell's mega-popular MMO isn't available on Windows Phone.

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Bryant, however, said Castle Siege delivers "all the strategy and combat Age of Empires is renowned for." The game lets players take on 10 battles based on historical conflicts, including the 13th century Fall of Constantinople and the siege of the Marienburg castle. At the start of the game players have six civilizations to choose from, including the Teutons, Kievan Rus and the Britons.

Castle Siege allows cross-play between various Windows 8 devices, with progress saved to gamertags, and players can "form alliances" with Xbox Live friends. While the game's due next month, Microsoft didn't announce a concrete release date.
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