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Spotify Connect's seamless streaming arrives on smart TVs


In order to properly celebrate the first year of Spotify Connect, the streaming outfit is rolling it out to a new set of devices. The feature already played nice with a smattering of wares, and now, you'll be able to leverage the seamless listening experience on that smart TV. Starting with Philips' Android-powered units, beaming tunes from your smartphone or tablet will be a breeze -- all while sorting the controls from that mobile device. According to Spotify, this is "the first in a long line of smart TVs" that will hit shelves with the add-on. Alongside Libratone, B&O and Sony, Connect is now available on Bose, Panasonic and Gramofon audio gadgets with support multi-room systems tacked on for good measure. With the news of new partners, the feature will be available on over 100 wares by the year's end.

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