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All this ping pong table needs to throw a rave is a strobe light


Your souped-up table tennis setup for Saturday night beer pong sessions would tremble in shame in the presence of Stiga's new Studio table if it could. This is one fancy table, you see, with its own 2,800W sound system that features eight 6 x 9 speakers, subwoofers, an amplifier and Bluetooth connectivity so you can blast songs about owning a dozen Lamborghinis and making money rain from your phone or tablet. It even has LED lighting and mic input for those days you want to go all out hosting parties. Crazy, right?

Here's what the table's PR says:

Handmade in the United States, the STIGA Studio Table is a stunning masterpiece that is the perfect storm of design, entertainment and performance. The STIGA Studio Table's 2800-watt sound system delivers unparalleled sound quality through its powerful 360-degree free-standing audio – featuring a QSC CXD series professional processing amplifier, two Kicker 12" Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofers and eight Kicker KS Series 3-way 6x9 speakers. Compatible with smartphones and MP3 players using Bluetooth Technology, the STIGA Studio Table perfectly projects amplified sound in all directions. To complement its sleek, visual design, the STIGA Studio Table features vibrant LED down-lighting – providing endless combinations of electrifying color that can be set to integrate with the audio system to react to the beat of the music in real-time. The STIGA Studio Table also includes a microphone input with separate volume control allowing users to sing over music delivering the most thrilling karaoke experience.

Of course, you need to spend some serious dough to get this 700-pound entertainment center to your home. The company will ship it for free and provide premium installation service, because this table will cost you, oh, just $14,900. Availability's apparently very limited, though, and those burning to spend 15 grand on a ping pong table (we're not judging) will have to contact Stiga through its website or by phone (800-467-1421).

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