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Remasters of the universe: Obscure titles we want to revisit


It was no great shock when Sony released a PlayStation 4 version of its super-popular third-person title The Last of Us. Deep Silver bathing its new Metro franchise in the spotlight for next-gen consoles was no great surprise either.

A new generation seems to come with it a series of new versions of some of our favorite games. But what about the less obvious choices? Capcom bringing the original Resident Evil back makes sense, but what about Nintendo's cult-hit Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem?

The Joystiq staff has reached back into the last decade-plus for its obscure favorites to present a list of some games we would like to see make a return in remastered form.

Of course this is only a small slice of our favorite obscure games we'd want to revisit. Tell us your selections and why and they may be added to our gallery.

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