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    Follow Europe's best in Champions League 2014-2015

    John Emmert

    The draw for the Group Stage of the Champions League was held recently with the first games set for mid-September. You can follow all the action live on Champions League 2014-2015. The universal free app requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.

    In Champions League 2014-2015 you receive a complete breakdown of the Group Stage match ups and can follow all the games live as well as get live updates on the Group Tables, scorers, yellow and red cards, and on the city where the matches are being played. The thirty-two teams have been broken into eight groups of four and will play each of the other teams in its group twice. At that point, the top finisher in each group plus the runner-up in each group move on to the the next stage.

    Champions League 2014-2015

    You can also test your soccer knowledge by making predictions on the outcome of each game and the actual game scores. The app tracks your predictions and you can compete with your friends and other fans to see who knows the most.

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    Champions League 2014 provides a list of all the teams that have qualified to participate in Europe's top annual soccer tournament. To get more information about the team, just tap the team name and you will be taken to the club's web site. Most offer English versions although I found a couple that did not. How's your Russian and German? The web sites are full of background information on the clubs including the roster, stats for the players and the team in the club's domestic league, league and national cup competitions as well as the Champions League. Most also offer a history of the club and video highlights from the current and past seasons.

    In mid-February the action moves from the Group State to the Knockout round with just sixteen teams remaining. The eight group winners are matched against one of the eight runner-up and play two games, one at the club's home field and one at the opponent's stadium. That format continues as the teams are cut from sixteen to eight, then four and finally just two. The final is a single game elimination held in May. All of the game information can be found in Champions League 2014 as it was in the group stage so you can track your favorite team all the way to the finals, if they are good enough to make it that far.

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    The same developer also offers an app to follow the Europa League that competes over the same time period. The clubs in this competition are out of the same domestic leagues as those in the Champions League but not quite at the same level. Europa League 2014 contains the same type of data including schedules, game statistics, the ability to make predictions and news updates on all the teams. Europa League 2014-2015 is free universal download and also requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.

    With Champions League 2014-2015 and Europa League 2014-2015 on your iPhone or iPad you will have no trouble tracking these prestigious European soccer competitions this fall, winter and into next summer. May the best team win and hopefully it will be your favorite.

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