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Sony Japan & Asia presser round-up: Fives alive on PS4


While some of you were snoozing, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan & Asia had a little shindig ahead of this month's Tokyo Game Show, and it was news-stuffed. If you want you can re-watch the whole shebang here, all two hours or so of it... on your precious day off. Just in case you'd rather not, we've compiled a list of the highlights below the break.

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  • The overriding theme of the show was games newly confirmed for PS4, arguably topped by the surprise reveal of Persona 5 (above.) Yes, for Sony's latest console.
  • It's not the only new 5 that was announced for the system today, after Nippon Ichi Software finally drew the curtain on Disgaea 5.
  • Japan does love a crossover. You've seen Dynasty Warriors meets Zelda, now take a look at Dynasty Warriors meets Dragon Quest in Dragon Quest Heroes. There's still time for Demon's Souls meets Nintendogs, Japanese games industry.
  • Talking of Demon's Souls, From Software's Bloodborne now has a February 5 release date in Japan. Still no word on a concrete ETA for the West.
  • Meanwhile, Capcom confirmed the much suspected Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is indeed creeping around the corner. The sequel is due early next year.
  • Back to games announced for the PS4, and after a lengthy snooze in the clubhouse, Hot Shots Golf is ready to tee off again on console.
  • A new Ys game is coming to PS4 and Vita. The next entry in the super-long-running series is due to launch in Japan next year.
  • A fair few others are now coming to both PS4 and Vita. Re-release God Eater 2: Rage Burst is headed for both, as is Senran Kagura's Estival Versus. Not forgetting Yakuza Zero promises cross-play functionality between its console and handheld releases.
  • The Vita got a bit more time in the sun than it's had in recent Sony pressers, though not much more. For one, Japan's getting a new light pink/white model in November, as well as its own RPG in Luminous Arc Infinity.
  • The Vita's also due to get a new update that'll add customizable themes to the system. Our pals at Engadget report the update also lets you watch PS4 streams on the handheld. Talking of the PS4, it's also getting its own thematic update.
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