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Airbnb to give some of its top hosts free Nest thermostats

Matt Brian, @m4tt

One of the difficulties property owners face when renting their place out via Airbnb is making sure they don't waste energy while nobody's staying there. Sure, timers can reduce some of the hassle, but many can't be configured remotely, nor are they aware of when someone is home. Devices like Nest's Learning Thermostat are, though, so that's why Airbnb has teamed up with the Google-owned home automation firm to help hosts better manage their homes. The Nest will let hosts take advantage of its auto-away feature and remotely lock the temperature, meaning guests don't have to fiddle with heating settings or automatic timers. The initiative is currently limited to "top hosts" in the US and appears to involve some sort of selection process. However, the company says it will feature many of the properties outfitted with a Nest in "curated Wish Lists" on its website. Good news if you're looking for a place to stay over the winter and want nothing less than a warm welcome when you arrive.

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