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Build that city in Minecraft PS4, launching today


The ever-growing, seemingly insatiable Minecraft family welcomes PlayStation 4 today, with a stateside PSN launch locked in for "before 12PM PT" (3PM ET.) Mojang's blocky world of creativity and creepers is already out on PS4 in Europe, as of late last night.

As we reported yesterday, the Xbox One launch is confirmed for tomorrow, September 5. Both the PS4 and Xbox One ports are features-wise on par with PS3/Xbox 360 editions, but the new hardware allows for worlds up to 36 times larger and greater draw distances.

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If you dig, PS3 Minecraft owners, you can upgrade to the current-gen version for $5, and you can transfer saved content and DLC across. Otherwise, it's $20 to get crafting anew.

That's not quite it for the new ports, though. The Vita version remains in transit without an ETA, and physical PS4 and Xbox One editions are still on the way too.

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