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Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 offers an 8-bit Madden alternative


With Madden NFL 15 now on store shelves, most virtual football fans are busy enjoying EA's latest simulation, but for those who prefer a more classic, pixelated game of football, comes Tecmo Super Bowl 2015. Thanks to the dedicated Tecmo Super Bowl fans at, Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 combines the game's classic, NES-era pigskin action with modern rosters, offensive schemes and all 32 current NFL teams.

As a hack for an NES game, Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 can be played on any platform with a viable NES emulator. The game's website offers would-be gridiron greats a detailed walkthrough on how to get the game up and running, and even a listing of various mods for those who prefer a more customized take on American football. Full details on how to set up Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 can be found at

Of course, downloading the ROM file needed to play the mod isn't precisely legal. Something to keep in mind if you really need that up-to-date retro football fix.
[Image: Koei Tecmo]

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