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Google wants to keep work documents and emails secure on iPhones and iPads


Google launched the Apps Mobile Management service earlier this year to help organizations manage employees' or members' Android devices that access files and emails saved on their Google Apps. Now, Mountain View has launched a counterpart for iPhones and iPads called iOS Sync, which can remind people to enroll their devices when they sign into any Google Apps for Work/Education/Government, such as Drive or Gmail. It also gives the business' IT department the power to distribute WiFi passwords and certificates to ensure a safer connection, manage their Apps' password requirements and enforce camera policies (read: disable it if taking pictures is prohibited) in the office. The service even allows administrators to block devices and to wipe them remotely in worst-case scenarios. iOS Sync will roll out to Google Apps for Work, Education and Government next week. It might even arrive without you knowing, as it'll automatically be integrated right into the Gmail and Drive.

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