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EE will honour its iPhone 6 preorders from Phones4u tomorrow


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Since EE is somewhat responsible for the reason Phones4u can no longer honour iPhone 6 or 6 Plus preorders, the network's trying to make it right, at least for some of you. The carrier's just told us that when Apple's latest handsets launch tomorrow, anyone that preordered on an EE plan through Phones4u can walk into a store and pick one up. If you're still keen on getting a day-one device, then take along a copy of the Phones4u preorder confirmation to get hooked up. EE's putting aside as many handsets as preorders it received via the troubled retailer, but you'll have to take out one of the network's own contract options, rather than whatever you may've opted for originally. Reserved iPhones will be spread out across the carrier's many stores, however, so there's always a chance you won't be successful at the first location you visit, but we guess that depends on how many went elsewhere when Phones4u folded. Sure, this is a bit of clever PR on EE's part, but if you helps you get the handset you want when you want it, then so be it.

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