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Nest can now talk to Pebble and other home automation products


Nest's thermostat and smoke detector now works with more third-party home automation products, the first fruits of the developer program that the Google-owned company launched in June. First in the list is something you're likely familiar with: Pebble smartwatches, which you can now use to control and check the temperature in your home. Next? A voice-controlled home manager called ivee, which lets you know when a peak energy event starts and ends, as well as lets you use spoken commands to adjust the temperature for you. Then there's Life360, an app that monitors where family members or friends are on a map (with their consent), which automatically adjusts the temp when the last resident in the house leaves or when the first one comes home.

Nest can now also adjust temperature based on the sensor readings by WallyHome, a device that monitors water leaks. Finally, there's smart sprinkler controller Rachio, which now switches on sprinklers around the house if Nest Protect's alarm has been sounding off for quite some time. Other than these new additions, Google Ventures and Nest are also looking for up-and-coming products for its Works with Nest developer program, so this clearly won't be the last batch of support updates. Execs will look at developers' ideas on November 19th and will provide promising projects with funding and visibility to realize their goals. So if you think you have something brilliant for the connected home, check out the Thoughtful Things Fund for more info on how to join the event.

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