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This Apple 3.0 poster is a must-have for every Apple fan


When I spotted the Insanely Great History of Apple 3.0 poster over at Pop Chart Lab, it jumped out at me as being the best gift ever for the Apple fan, especially for one who already has every Apple gadget under the sun.

The 28" x 42" print includes every computer, tablet, phone, software package and other miscellaneous devices Apple has released since 1976. This mini history has been updated for 2014 with the new iPad Air 2, the 5K iMac and even Apple's upcoming Watch.

You can view the Apple 3.0 poster and zoom in on its contents over at Pop Chart Lab's website. The print is available for pre-order now with an introductory price of US$64. Orders will being shipping next week starting Wednesday, November 5.

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