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Google Maps gets a makeover with built-in restaurant reservations


At long last, Google Maps has received the Material Design revamp that many were expecting -- and it's more than just a skin-deep upgrade. New versions of Maps' Android and iOS apps focus on the super-flat graphics and lively animations that you'd expect from Google's new design language, but they also include built-in restaurant reservations through OpenTable. If you're in the US, you can now book a table right from a place page instead of visiting a website or launching another app.

You'll also have more options for getting around if you're a fan of ridesharing services. When you're looking for directions, Maps now estimates both the pickup time and cost of an Uber ride to a given destination; you can quickly figure out whether or not you're better off taking the bus. Both the Android and iOS updates to Maps should reach your devices within the next few days, so you won't have to wait too long if you're eager to check out either the fresh look or the new features coming along for the ride.

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