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Behold the beauty of the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop "About" animation


Macintosh Programmer's Workshop, or MPW to most people who remember it, was a software development tool for the classic Mac OS. It was invaluable for developers looking to build applications for System 1-7.6 and Mac OS 8 and 9, but it had charms beyond being the forefather of everything from Project Builder to Xcode.

It also had featured a beautiful animation hidden within its "About" screen. The animation shows the imaginary building blocks of a 3 1/2" floppy disc flying together one-by-one from out of a box. When the pieces have finishing compiling an airbrush machine comes and paints the surface of the disc.

It's a wonderful piece of animation, lovingly put together and hidden in a menu most users would never see. If you weren't around for the original Mac OS, or just weren't programing during those days, here's your chance to see it. Enjoy.

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