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    Race to the bottom with Social Downhill

    John Emmert

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    Ride, Run, "n" Record is now Social Downhill. This free universal runs on iOS 7.0 or later and is intended for gravity sports enthusiasts. So if you are a longboarder, downhill mountain bike rider, skier or snowboarder, you should take a look.

    The latest update has a new name, is totally redesigned, and provides some new features for users. The app records users' runs and tracks the path, max speed, average speed, distance, and time. You can choose standard or metric measurements and at the end of the run find out just how you did.

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    Social Downhill offers users a choice between Auto Stop and Manual Stop. With Auto Stop, the app records your run automatically. Just choose auto when you are ready to begin, kick off and head down the hill. The app will begin recording and won't stop until you come to a complete stop. Or you can choose the manual method. With this selection, it begins when you start your run but doesn't stop until users tap "Finish" at the end of a run. So if you should fall or have a brief stop on the way down the app keeps recording.

    When you have completed your run the app shows you the path you took and you can choose to overlay the path on a standard map or satellite image. The app drops pins along the entire route and provides you with your speed at that point and/or the running time into the run. You also get a star to indicate the max speed you reached and where it was achieved. Users can zoom in on the map to get a closer look at each point along the route.

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    After you check out how you did, use the app to upload your run and then compare yours to others. Just choose two runs and receive a map showing both runs with pins so you can check out the speed or time each user reached at certain points along the run. The two runs are indicated by different color pins. Call up the stats page and get detailed breakouts of both runs. Additionally by checking out the posted runs online, users can find new and different places to check out and head downhill.

    Social Downhill screenshots

    Overall Social Downhill provides gravity sports enthusiasts a very easy and visual way to record and track their downhill adventures. I would think if you go out with a group of people this app is a great way to compare just how each of you did with the others and earn bragging rights or maybe decide who buys the beverages when you sit down later to discuss the excitement.

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