Guess the name behind this high-fashion smartwatch

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Guess the name behind this high-fashion smartwatch

Traditional watch manufacturers, by and large, have been caught flat-footed by the whole smartwatch thing. That's why established fashion brands are now racing toward tech companies, collaborating in the hope of remaining relevant. Guess is one such company that needed a helping hand from some geeks in the know, which is why it has teamed up with Martian Smartwatches for the Guess Connect. From a fashion perspective, the Connect uses Guess' most popular design, Rigor, while Martian's voice control and notification systems are lurking in the background.

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There's a dual-power system tucked inside, too, which means that the mechanical movement will be juiced by a regular cell battery with a life of around two years, while the smarter aspects are charged over micro-USB. We weren't able to play with the device since it's the company's one prototype, but certainly if you're a fan of the question mark brand, this should appeal. As far as pricing and availability goes, the Guess Connect will drop in the summer, with a price that's comparable to the company's other offerings -- which should be around $300.

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