Lenovo is the latest company to show off an all-in-one with a 3D camera

In case you haven't noticed, Lenovo is showing off an insane amount of stuff here at CES 2015. Tablets, smartphones, a smartwatch, laptops, more laptops. Now, rounding out the list, we're seeing the company's latest desktops. Of the three, there's only one you probably want to know about, and that's the B50, a 23.8-inch all-in-one with Intel's RealSense motion-sensing 3D camera setup (as pictured in the above close-up). As it happens, you're going to be seeing RealSense on a lot of gadgets this week at CES -- everything from laptops to tablets to desktops like this. Depending on the form factor -- and also the specific company -- the use cases for that 3D camera are going to differ a little bit each time. After all, there's no accounting for what software they pre-load on the machine. In the case of the B50, though, Lenovo seems to be pushing the gaming angle -- in a demo, I played a game where I lifted soldiers to safety using an onscreen hand (operated by my real hand, of course).

On the inside, this will ship with last year's fourth-generation Intel Core processors, at least in the beginning. It will also run whatever NVIDIA's next-gen graphics are (always a little tricky talking about these things when NVIDIA hasn't actually detailed its new GPUs yet). As for the screen, it's a 1080p affair -- not super-high end, at least not as far as pixel count goes, but the IPS panel does at least provide good viewing angles. Look for it in March starting at $1,249.

Last but not least -- we do want to be thorough, after all -- we'll give you a quick rundown of those other two, less exciting desktops. These are the entry-level C40 and C50, which have 21.5- and 23-inch screens, respectively. Though they're lower-specced (older NVIDIA graphics with last year's Intel Core processors), they at least have a fairly streamlined design, with a slimmed-down frame and virtually no bezel around the 1080p IPS screen. These also arrive in March, starting at $429 and $729, respectively.