Flight path improvements coming in patch 6.1

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Adam Koebel
January 7th, 2015
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Flight path improvements coming in patch 6.1

Tired of taking the scenic route because you missed a flight path between you and your destination? In 6.1, the flight master will be able to send you on the most optimal route regardless of what flight paths you've discovered. EU Community Manager Takralus has the details.

We are making some huge improvements to the way flight paths work in 6.1.

There are hundreds of flight paths in Draenor. The way it works right now, if you don't know a flight point, the flight master won't use it as a connecting node when you're travelling from point A to point B. If you've missed a few flight points (which is very easy to do), this means certain flight paths are be much less efficient than they could be.

In 6.1, flight masters will use flight points you haven't discovered as connecting points. This will make things much more efficient.

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