The GoPro Hero4 is about to get new photo and video modes

Got a new GoPro? It's about to get better. The camera maker doesn't usually release new products at CES, but it does have a habit of making small announcements. Last year, it was that the GoPro channel was coming to the Xbox; this year it's new firmware (and some LG TV news). Both the Hero4 Silver and Black editions will get a mode that auto-converts time lapses into videos (a real time-saver). There's also a burst-photo setting that'll do 30 pictures over six seconds. Another welcome addition to both cameras (and long overdue) is auto-rotate. Now, when you wear your camera upside-down, it'll figure that out and auto-flip the video. Owners of the Black edition get a few more goodies -- 720p at 240fps will make lovers of HD slow-mo very happy (though it's not at full-wide-angle), and 2.7K will also go up to 60fps -- stock up on memory cards. One last hurrah? You'll be able to add "highlight" tags after the fact during playback. GoPro wouldn't confirm exactly when the update lands, but it'll be in the next month or two. Good timing given the arrival of some new 4K-recording action competition don't you think?