Electric scooters and fiber-optic shirts land on Engadget's CES stage

From one angle, there are so many similarities between Gogoro and Cambridge Consultants that it's hard to tell them apart. For instance, both are visionary companies that seek to redefine an existing market and both came out with innovative technology that no one had seen before. Another similarity between the two, of course, is that they joined us on the Engadget stage as our editor's choice.

Editor's Choice (Nicole Lee)

First up, we have Gogoro, a business founded by former HTC executives that aims to revolutionize the world of electric transport. Firstly, consumers would buy a high-speed scooter, and then would subscribe to a network of stations where the battery could be swapped in and out when it was out of juice. It sufficiently intrigued our Nicole Lee that she had to get its CEO Horace Luke onto the stage to learn more about it.

Editors Choice (Dan Cooper)

Shortly afterward, a forgetful Dan Cooper invited Cambridge Consultants on to demonstrate XelfleX, a fiber optic exercise shirt that, unlike the OMSignal and Hexoskin, could provide pinpoint-accurate body-movement tracking for a future generation of fitness clothes. While the company isn't ready to bring the outfit to the market, it's certainly an exciting prospect for our next workout top.