The aluminum Nintendo Entertainment System is custom built inside and out

The folks at Analogue Interactive know that making a good looking game console only goes so far, and that it's what's on the inside that truly counts. It's with that in mind that the solid aluminum Analogue Nt -- the outfit's take on the original Nintendo Entertainment System -- sports fancy innards in addition to its machined casing. As Polygon writes, the system's motherboard is custom as well, sporting a fancy black printed circuit board, transparent solder mask and raised copper traces. We've embedded a picture after the break. Sounds pretty snazzy, right? Well, the outfit's still promising audiophile and videophile quality out of their little aluminum box that could, and units still command a $500 starting price for pre-order. You might balk, but remember, this is the same company that charged $1,300 (minimum) for a wood-encased Neo Geo. Comparatively, this is a steal.