Xbox One game hubs deliver streams and content for your favorite titles

Microsoft's first Xbox One update of the new year is jammed with a few more updates than usual, including one you may like if you spend lots of time on particular games. Called the Game Hub, it gives every single Xbox game its own little niche where you can view content, see if friends are playing, scope out your standings and quickly launch games with options like broadcasting. It also lets you see who's mastered specific games and and watch their DVR clips and broadcasts.

Microsoft further improved the look of the console by adding transparencies to tiles, making it easier to see your oh-so-carefully chosen backgrounds. Other new features are mostly aimed at the media crowd: OneGuide now shows trending TV programs, and Live TV trending has been widened to France, Germany, Brazil and Mexico. Microsoft has also expanded its device database, giving more options for TV remotes, set-top boxes and AV receivers. Meanwhile, owners of Xbox One Digital TV tuners in Europe with Android or Windows Phone devices will join iOS users in getting live TV on their phones or tablets via SmartGlass -- sorry, North Americans.