Developers behind Overcast and Monument Valley release iOS sales figures

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Since the inception of the App Store, Apple has doled out over $25 billion to developers. No wonder many folks make reference to the "App Store economy".

While mere participation in the App Store is by no means a guarantor of success, it's always interesting to take a look at some App Store success stories. Developing a quality app often involves a whole lot of time and money, thus making it somewhat instructive and helpful to take a closer look at the amount of money certain apps are generating.

First up, we have the podcast app Overcast from noted developer Marco Arment. Overcast debuted with a solid amount of press and an encouraging number of positive reviews this past July. Now, nearly 7 months later, Arment has opened up the books and allowed us a peek into Overcasts's financial history and health. Note, before you digest the figures below, that it took Arment 15 months of full-time work to develop Overcast.

For calendar year 2014:

Arment's entire post is well worth reading in its entirety as he touches on a number of ancillary topics involved in getting an app up and running that aren't often discussed as part of the app development process.

Also worth highlighting is a recent post/infographic from the developers behind the popular iOS game Monument Valley. Their sales figures are beyond astonishing. Also note the telling breakdown in revenue between iOS and Android.