'Powers,' the first PlayStation TV show launches on March 10th

When Powers failed to materialize on Sony's PlayStation Network back in December, you were probably distracted by the company's other, more high-profile catastrophes. Now that some of the dust has settled, however, series creator Brian Michael Bendis has taken to the PlayStation Blog to tell the world that the supernatural cop show will debut on March 10th. The first three episodes will all land on that day, with the remaining seven episodes that comprise the first season launching on subsequent Tuesdays.

If you already throw Sony $50 a year for a PlayStation Plus subscription, then you'll get to watch the adventures of Walker and Pilgrim for free. Otherwise, the first episode will also be available online, free for anyone to watch (presumably in the hope of convincing them to shell out for a PS4 if they haven't already). Unfortunately there's no word - yet - if the release is limited to the US or if global PlayStation users will be able to join in, not to mention a lack of info about paid downloads for non-gamers and Xbox owners. Still, we're looking forward to finding out more, and if you hadn't guessed yet: everyone wants to be Netflix. Don't be surprised when you see IHOP launch a series of gritty pancake-related dramas in 2018.