Choose between a house or the first ever 20th Anniversary Edition PS4

Sony caused quite a stir with the unveiling of the 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4, and gamers fell over themselves to get their hands on one of 12,300 pieces of gaming nostalgia. Those online sales and promotional '80s stores have now closed, but the company isn't finished yet. It's just put up the most collectable PlayStation 4 of all for auction and is now taking bids for the first 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 ever made -- the one that carries the coveted 00001/12300 plate.

If that's got you interested, there is one major snag: you will need to either reside in Japan or know someone with a Japanese address. That said, Sony is doing it all in the name of charity and will match the total auction price, with all proceeds going to Save The Children Japan. Currently, the bidding sits at a whopping 16,778,216 yen or $142,000, meaning you'll probably need to mortgage your own house before you even consider going after this collectors item.

Update: Well, the auction came to a close last night and the winning bid was just a little lower than what you might've expected. The final price? A cool 15.135 million yen, or about $129,000. A hearty congratulations is in order for the lucky, deep-pocketed victor, but an even heartier congrats goes out to the charity for the matching Sony donation it's about to receive.

20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4