Recommended Reading: The most advanced coffee lab in the world

Billy Steele
B. Steele|01.24.15

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Recommended Reading: The most advanced coffee lab in the world

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Inside the World's Most Advanced Coffee Laboratory
Jason Koebler, Motherboard

If you're at least somewhat interested in coffee, you've likely researched a bit about where your favorite spot gets its beans and who roasts them. Thanks to Motherboard, we can take a look inside the walls of Cenicafé: a government-backed facility dedicated to analyzing Colombia's coffee varieties.

The Best Obscure Simpsons Characters from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z
AV Club

If you think you know your fair share of Simpsons trivia, see how many of these characters you recall seeing on TV.

The Synth is Back: KORG and Moog Revive Golden-era Analog Synthesizers
by Randy Lewis, LA Times

Both Korg and Moog announced new synths this week, reviving classic models that have been discontinued for decades. This piece details a bit of history for both companies, and what the new instruments have in store.

3D After Burner 2: M2's Quest for Port Perfection
Danny Cowan, Joystiq

After Burner 2 is now available in the 3DS eShop, but the title isn't just a port of a classic arcade game. "Not only does it make great strides toward simulating the look and feel of a classic arcade game, but it also improves on the game's original design in ways that its creators planned, but never fully achieved," says Joystiq's Danny Cowan.

How the Writer of American Sniper Went from Failed Actor to Oscar Nominee
by Hugh Hart, Fast Company

It hasn't been easy for actor-turned-writer Jason Hall, and this piece from Fast Company chronicles how the struggles he faced led to working on the Oscar-nominated film American Sniper.

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