Prynt's smartphone instant selfie printer lands on Kickstarter for pre-orders

Is 2015 the year that we start rolling back the progress of the last 20 years? In addition to dressing like extras from The Facts of Life, we've started buying Vinyl again and people are even discovering the "joys" of instant photography. In fact, it's not just Polaroid that's getting back in on the act, either, since French startup Prynt is hoping to sell you a smartphone case with a built-in photo printer.

We covered Prynt's initial unveiling back in November, and the company has now firmed up some of the finer details in preparation for launch. For instance, the device can now only take 10 sheets of ink-infused paper at a time, with the battery lasting for 20 images before needing a recharge. The hardware is now compatible both with Apple's iPhone 5/5S/5C and 6, well as Samsung's Galaxy S4 and S5. Refill packs of 10 pages will cost you $5, putting the cost of each print at 50 cents, similar to the price of LG's Pocket Photo printer. As promised, Prynt is now ready to launch on Kickstarter, and very early birds can grab a unit for as little as $49 in anticipation for an August shipping date. Everyone else, however, will have to settle for grabbing one for $99 and the creeping sense of disappointment that they didn't set their alarm clocks earlier.