WoW Moviewatch: The Story & History of The Furbolgs

Warcraft goes beyond just World of Warcraft, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the game's lore. Sure, you can find out plenty by questing your way through WoW, but there's a lot you won't find without delving into the older RTS games, the novels, or even more obscure sources.

That's what makes Bellular's lore videos so great: they pull together lore from all sorts of sources to tell you new things about in-game elements you though you understood. This video digs into the surprisingly fascinating history of the Furbolgs... with the interesting suggestion that they might be related to the Pandaren. Wouldn't that be an interesting storyline to explore? Only time will tell if Blizzard ever decides to expand on the idea or leave it to collect dust as arcane game history.

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