1.84M New 3DS units shipped in 2014, Wii U up to 9.2M

The New 3DS is off to a "good start" according to Nintendo, after the enhanced handheld shipped 1.84 million units by the end of 2014. The company launched the New 3DS and its XL variant in Japan back in October, before bringing them to Australia the following month.

The New 3DS' arrival helped take the "3DS family" beyond the 50 million mark, and as of December 31, 2014, the 3DS total is 50.41 million units shipped worldwide. On the other hand, Nintendo says 3DS sales haven't grown sufficiently in North America and Europe this fiscal year; both regions are waiting for the New 3DS to launch there next month. Between April and December 2014, Nintendo shifted 7.08 million 3DS systems worldwide.

While the Wii U has gathered steam in recent months, it's still tracking a long way behind its handheld sibling. Nintendo shifted 1.91 million consoles worldwide during the busy holiday quarter of October to December 2014, taking its nine-month figures to 3.39 million, As of the end of 2014, its two-year lifetime total is 9.2 mllion systems and 52.87 million software units.

On the software side, the Wii U's big earners in 2014 were, surprise surprise, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. The Wii U version of Smash shifted 3.39 million units worldwide by the end of year, but it was pipped to the first place trophy by Mario Kart 8's 4.77 million.

Nintendo's yet to update its list of top-selling Wii U software, but Mario Kart 8 must be close to being the Wii U's top-performing game. As of March 31, 2014, that was New Super Mario Bros. U at 4.16 million units.

Meanwhile, 3DS software flew off shelves in the latter three quaters of 2014, largely thanks to two of Nintendo's staple franchises. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire shipped 9.35 million units between them, while the 3DS Smash came in at 6.19 million units. Those games helped take the nine-month 3DS software total to a chunky 53.04 million units.

Despite those 3DS figures, Nintendo reduced its full-year sales projections by 6.8 percent this morning. The weakening yen is giving Nintendo a boost overseas, and the company expects to post a yearly net profit of ¥30 billion ($255 million), up 50 percent from initial projections.

[Image: Nintendo]