Basis' Peak fitness watch now gets notifications from your phone

A little later than promised, Basis' Peak fitness tracker behaves more like the smartwatch it arguably should have been all along. Grab a newly released update for the wearable and it'll give you a heads-up on calls, meetings and messages from your Android smartphone or iPhone. It's not as sophisticated as most smartwatches (even less expensive devices like the Pebble will show much more), but it should make sure that you aren't caught unawares when a friend texts you in mid-workout.

There's also a useful upgrade in store if you're solely focused on improving your exercise routine. Basis' latest mobile app lets you export as much fine-grained sensor data as you can handle -- if you want all heart rates measured since the first time you strapped that Peak on your wrist, you can get them. While neither update is likely to sway you toward the Peak if you weren't already sold on it, they're definitely big treats if you're an existing owner.