SYNEK's countertop draft system brings fresh beer home this summer

SYNEK's method for bringing draft beer to kitchen counters everywhere first caught our eye last summer, and after nabbing $650,000 in Kickstarter contributions, the final product is on the way. For the uninitiated, SYNEK developed a self-contained tap system that allows you to swap out 128 oz. bags of your favorite brew (that's just under a dozen 12 oz. pours) so that you always have fresh beer at home. You'll notice the finished model looks a bit different from the original, but rest assured that handy thermostat is still employed despite the temperature display getting moved from the front panel. And the ability to adjust CO2 levels remains inside, too. The company says that the new design also features improved insulation and makes it easier to change out those bags. There's also a removable drip tray too, so you want have to worry about getting your counter dirty.

One of my reservations last year was if the company could convince breweries and retailers to opt in. Well friends, it seems I no longer need to worry. Big name brewers like New Belgium, The Bruery, Sixpoint and more have all pledged support, and shops that usually fill those reusable glass growlers are also looking to join the fray as well. There's no word on when, or if, you'll be able to buy pre-filled bags for the system at your local suds store, but that was part of the plan last year, so here's to hoping the option arrives at some point. SYNEK will launch this spring, and if you didn't pledge your support already, you can secure a machine for summer delivery with $299.