SYNEK's countertop tap puts your kegerator out to pasture

There's no question that draft beer is the best beer, but the cost of getting fresh from the tap brews at home can be substantial. Purchasing a kegerator (along with all of its accessories), CO2 and the kegs of whatever varieties you prefer can add up quickly. But what if supplying a tap system was as easy as getting one of those reusable growlers filled? And what if the dispensing device took up minimal space on your kitchen counter? Well, that's what SYNEK is hoping to do. The draft system hinges on refillable bags that rest inside it's toaster oven-sized unit with adjustable temperature and pressure settings and easy-to-use hose connections. In the future, WiFi connectivity could be built in for monitoring supply levels and making the whole thing social amongst fellow imbibers. So what's the catch? Well, SYNEK offers a cost-effective solution for keeping a fresh beer supply around, but it'll need to convince breweries to allow bag fills before its project is ready for widespread adoption. For now though, this will resolve the headaches homebrewers face of individually topping off dozens of bottles when a five gallon batch is ready. And that's certainly worth the $349 ($299 for early adopters) retail price.