Shroud of the Avatar's release 14: FREE HAT

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.02.15

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Shroud of the Avatar's release 14: FREE HAT
Coasting.  Because it's a coastline?  Get it?  Ah, comedy gold.
If you want a silly-looking pointed hat in Shroud of the Avatar but don't know how you could possibly get one, then the latest development update will make you extremely happy. It tells you how to get just that. Yes, you can have a new hat as a reward for finishing another installment of the Grand Tour quest. So you get up to speed on all of the new features of the patch and you get a hat along with it. Everyone wins.

The development update also contains a look at more of the overland modeling going on behind the scenes, some of the in-game books being deployed, and a new Kickstarter project for the spiritual successor to the Ultima Underworld games. There's also the usual assortment of discounts and items that will soon be leaving the game forever. Check out the full update for the in-game and community details.
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