Selfies may have led to a deadly airplane crash

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Selfies may have led to a deadly airplane crash

Taking selfies while you're driving any moving vehicle is a bad idea, especially in an aircraft -- and unfortunately, those snapshots may have cost two air travelers their lives. The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that a double-fatality Cessna 150 crash in Colorado "likely" occurred because the pilot distracted himself with cellphone self-portraits shortly after takeoff. Action camera footage from a flight just minutes earlier showed the man taking selfies -- investigators believe it's no big stretch to suggest that he repeated this mistake on his final voyage.

Whether or not that's what actually happened is up for dispute. There's no footage from the last flight, and the NTSB adds that the pilot didn't meet experience requirements for flying in the poor nighttime conditions he faced. As such, it's possible that he crashed due to basic trouble with the unforgiving skies. The report certainly condemns in-flight mobile photography, but it doesn't provide conclusive proof that it's the root cause of this tragedy.

[Image credit: Alex Lomix, Flickr]

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