Tado taps energy provider SSE to help push its smart thermostat

Not content with the retail partner Tado drafted in to help flog its smart thermostat last year, the company today announced yet another tie-in, this time with energy provider SSE. Any customer of SSE, or its other business guises Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro and SWALEC, can now buy a second-generation Tado thermostat directly from their energy merchant for £199. Until March 26th (or for the first 300 patrons), installation is free, though it'll set you back £90 after this promotional period. You can also rent one of the clever thermostats for £5 a month if you'd prefer, with installation costing £40 in this scenario. Tado will no doubt shift a couple more units with its new friend's help; but with so many competing products and similar alliances around, we reckon Tado having an official Windows Phone app probably does more for the company than any fresh partnership might.