Best Buy reveals the next Moto E gets 4G and a price cut

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Daniel Cooper
February 10th, 2015
Best Buy reveals the next Moto E gets 4G and a price cut

Motorola's tactic when launching last year's Moto E was to let it appear on Brazilian retailer FastShop for a few hours, and then whip it away as soon as people began to notice. Looks like it's another case of history repeating with the refreshed version of the low-end handset, with a listing popping up on Best Buy only to disappear shortly afterward. If the since-pulled listing can be believed, however, then the device is about to get around $30 cheaper and significantly more powerful than the 2014 vintage.

The 4.5-inch 960 x 540 display remains unchanged, but whereas before there was just a 4GB storage and no 4G, you'll now find 8GB and an LTE modem. Even better is that the price has fallen from $129 down to just $99, at least if you buy the prepaid version on Sprint. When we played with the original, the ridiculously low price was enough to send us googly-eyed with excitement, so if the above is true, it's hard to see how this new edition will be anything other than a hit.
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