Starbucks app lets you reload your card with Apple Pay

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Mariella Moon
February 12th, 2015
Starbucks app lets you reload your card with Apple Pay

No, you still can't go into a Starbucks and purchase a double-blended frappuccino with Apple Pay. But if you update the company's app, you should at least be able to quickly reload a Starbucks card from within your iPhone using Apple's payment solution. The cafe has long been listed as one of Apple Pay's app partners, but it's not clear if it will ever accept the payment method in its stores. Other than giving you the ability to load your card with caffeine money, the update also adds more calorie information to the items on the menu. And trust us when we say you'd want to check it first before ordering a second venti double chocolaty chip crème frappuccino.

[Image credit: Shutterstock]

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