Daily Roundup: NASA engineer Annie Easley, a new View-Master and more!

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Daily Roundup: NASA engineer Annie Easley, a new View-Master and more!

Get caught up on today's news in the latest edition of the Daily Roundup. Learn about Annie Easley, an African-American woman who helped make early spaceflight possible, go hands-on with us as we take Mattel's View-Master for a spin and find out how the UK plans to test autonomous vehicles. All that and more can be found past the break.

Annie Easley helped make modern spaceflight possible

Annie Easley was a computer programmer, math mathematician and rocket scientist for NASA. During her 34-year career, she worked not only on technologies that led to hybrid vehicles, but also on software that enabled great strides in spaceflight and exploration.

Google and Mattel update View-Master for the VR generation

Remember View-Master? Well it's back and Mattel has Google to thank for helping drag the classic toy into the 21st century and we go hands-on with the upcoming accessory.

The future of driverless cars is being shaped by a modified Land Rover

In Bristol, a group of companies called the Venturer Consortium is planning the UK's first independent test site for driverless car technologies and it's using an autonomous off-road vehicle based on a modified Land Rover Defender.

Miami cops flood Waze with fake police sightings

Hundreds of Miami police officers aren't happy with Waze's police-finding feature, and they're not content with asking Google to remove it. According to NBC Miami, a number of cops in the city are taking matters into their own hands, downloading the app and inundating it with fake police sightings.

'Saturday Night Live' app puts 40 years of sketches on your iPhone

The 'Saturday Night Live' app features over 5,500 sketches from the show's four-decade run, you can search for sketches by cast member or character and even catch a handful of full-length recent episodes.

Visa wants to track your travels abroad to prevent declined payments

A new service for Visa card holders in the US that could prevent declined credit card transactions from happening while you travel abroad. It instantly cross-references your phone's location with the transaction.

Hasbro wants you to help design a new Monopoly board

Monopoly is turning 80 years old and Hasbro is teaming up with Buzzfeed to ask the denizens of the internet to help design the next version of the game and generate renewed interest.

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