Panasonic's working on a headset to rival Samsung's Gear VR

Panasonic is the latest company to throw its real hat into the virtual reality fray, after showing off a prototype headset that will compete with rival products from Samsung and LG. The goggles were shown at a press event in Japan this week, and house an OLED display with a 90-degree viewing angle, capable of video unto 75 frames per second. The glasses use ear-hooks to support themselves, and were demonstrated alongside an omnidirectional camera, similar to Samsung's Project Beyond. Of course, this doesn't rule out gaming use (which is mostly where Oculus and Sony are duking it out), but given Panasonic's heritage in displays and image capture, it's not hard to imagine that immersive content will be the primary use case (no word on what inputs there are etc.). The company reportedly said that the camera-part is being built with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in mind. While that's still a few years away, we're hoping all the signs are suggesting we won't have to wait quite so long for more details on the when this headset might become reality.