Foursquare can recommend places even if you don't sign in

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Mariella Moon
February 15th, 2015
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Foursquare can recommend places even if you don't sign in

A new Foursquare update completely eliminates the need to make an account, letting anyone use it to find a decent place to eat or somewhere to spend time without having to log in or even to create an account. And you know what? It makes perfect sense, since Swarm has taken over its check-in capabilities anyway. According to Foursquare product manager Jonathan Crowley, the only reason it took time to nix that requirement is because it wasn't easy changing the app's framework. If you think back to the time you've registered, you'll recall that signing up for Foursquare is quite tedious: it doesn't only ask you to choose "tastes" (types of food and places) you like, it also wants you to link your other social media accounts. Now, both the iOS and Android app can just recommend establishments based on location, making them more akin to local directory services such as Yelp. The good news is that you can still add your preferences (without having to log in) later on if you want more personalized results.

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