Xiaomi used a trio of crustaceans for an unusual 'durability' test

Most cellphone makers do their durability testing in labs, but let's be honest: those trials can be kind of boring to watch. In an attempt to show just how tough its Mi 4 handset is, Xiaomi used a trio of sea creatures. The phone spent a few moments in the clutches of a freshwater crab, a Japanese blue crab and a lobster, with each getting a chance to clamp down on the 5-inch steel-framed device. The gadget endures the grip of the first two just fine, but company decided to leave us in suspense as to how the Mi 4 fared against the crustacean with the biggest claws. The fate of the testers isn't disclosed in the video either, but we'll assume someone had a nice seafood dinner. At any rate, take a look at the stunt on the other side of the break.

Post by Mi.

[Image credit: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg via Getty Images]