Ex-GM CEO has unsolicited advice for Apple and the auto industry

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In the bid to produce the hottest take on Apple's rumored automotive project, former CEO of General Motors Dan Akerson has submitted himself for the "telling people why Apple can't do it" award. In an interview with Bloomberg, Akerson pointed out that the car industry is "harder than people realize", with low margins and tough safety regulations. Of course, as many have pointed out, this hill is littered with the remains of execs who have said what things Apple can't do or dominate, like phones (Ed Colligan, Palm; Jim Balsillie, RIM; Steve Ballmer, Microsoft) and we know how that story went.

Of course, rumors about Apple's entry into the TV business have persisted for years despite similar concerns from entrenched executives about how realistic Apple's proposals are, so it could go either way. Akerson -- who exited the leader's chair at GM just in time to avoid last year's ignition switch recall scandal -- also has advice for the auto industry, suggesting he "would've signed it over" to Apple.

"It" is everything in the car's infotainment system, which Apple and Google are both trying to take control of, even as many auto manufacturers have been slow to open their systems to other companies. In the retired executive's view, Apple has no idea what it's doing in terms of "hard-core manufacturing" despite producing millions of glass-and-aluminum slabs every year. As such, we're sure the folks in Cupertino will have him on speed dial if the "Titan" EV project becomes anything more than just vapor, and that current execs in Detroit are looking for more information on implementation of CarPlay or Android Auto.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]

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