Daily Roundup: build your own PC, Lenovo adware and more!

Are you thinking about putting together a new PC? Check out our handy guide to help get started. In other news, some Lenovo PCs have been found shipping with factory-installed adware, Sony could scrap its mobile business and a new lawsuit filed against Apple alleges that the company poached a number of engineers for an electric car battery project. All that and more can be found just past the break.

How to build a high-end, overclocked PC (as written by an idiot)

Do you want to build your own PC but have no idea where to start? Check out this handy walk-through, from someone who is "more likely to start an electrical fire than build a sophisticated PC."

New Lenovo PCs shipped with factory-installed adware

Some Lenovo laptops have been found shipping with factory-installed adware. Users on the official Lenovo forums started noticing that search results were being injected with sponsored links (like what happens when a machine is infected with typical adware or spyware) as far back as last September.

Sony's search for profits could put an end to its mobile future

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai set out to revive the company with a three-year plan, and he's been coming up short ever since. Now he's pushing ahead with a new and improved strategy, one that sees Sony basically giving up on growing its mobile business.

EV battery-maker says Apple poached engineers for a new project

According to a lawsuit from electric car battery maker A123 Systems, Apple has been poaching its best engineers, apparently to work in a battery division of its own. The company alleges poaching started back in June 2014, with Apple drawing away lead engineers from the battery maker's "most critical projects."

Epic Games head believes VR will 'change the world'

Tim Sweeney knows the video game industry. He started Epic Games, the studio behind huge franchises like Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and Infinity Blade, and the widely used game development software, Unreal Engine. So when he says virtual reality is going to change the world, we're listening.

How cable networks speed up shows to squeeze in more ads

Does it feel like there's more commercials than ever on cable TV? It turns out that channels like TBS and TNT are now speeding up syndicated programs, classics films and other shows by as much as 7 percent. One unnamed cable exec said that "it's a way to keep the revenue from going down as much as the ratings."

Booty drum turns twerking into 'music'

The folks behind AIAIAI headphones created this video "about music made by the booty - for the booty." It's definitely a unique way to create music and it's also NSFW. Probably.