Chrome adds more warnings to prevent you downloading malware

Google's already making sure you don't download malware, and now it's expanding its Safe Browsing initiative. In addition to preventative warnings prior to downloading, the Chrome browser will now throw a red flag (pictured after the break) before visiting a site that may encourage you to install any malicious software. Search listings are getting marks for sites that might contain nefarious programs as well, and Mountain View says that it's actively disabling Google Ads that "lead to sites with unwanted software." The search giant is urging site owners to install its Webmaster Tools to help keep on top of any possible issues with a site pushing bad software to visitors, and says this'll aid with the resolution process should that happen. Again, it's Google working to keep its "don't be evil" reputation in line and making the internet a safer place for everyone. After all, even the most web savvy among us have probably downloaded malware before at some point.

[Image credit: Associated Press]