Tinder-like Cute or Not app lets you rate pet photos

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Philip Palermo
February 26, 2015 2:37 AM
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Tinder-like Cute or Not app lets you rate pet photos

In an unsolicited, but appreciated move, the folks at BuzzFeed have graciously created an app specifically for me. It's called "Cute or Not" and it gives me yet another avenue to share photos of my pup, Oliver. Surprisingly, though, the iOS app is also available to other people, even if they don't happen to own adorable Bichon Frises. Cute or Not lets users upload pics of their pets (cat, dog or "other") and submit them for the internet's approval -- or disapproval (you monsters!).

As the app's name suggests, your choices are limited to a swipe right for "cute," and a swipe left for "not." The app's basic UI lets you view and rate a steady stream of pet pics, check out "trending" photos and sort your own uploads. You can also share your posted pics via the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to lure your friends into the app. If you're wondering what the larger point to all this is, BuzzFeed's Chris Johanesen describes it as an evolution of an "editorial experiment" where readers could upload their pet pics to its site. "We believed that Cute or Not would make an even better app experience and wanted to build something that our community could have fun with," he wrote in a blog post today.

So if you've been looking for still more ways to share pics of your pets online, or you want to kill some time judging other folks' furry companions, it looks like your app is here. And if this all sounds like a pet version of apps like Tinder, you wouldn't be far off. Though the social interaction stops at rating photos -- there's no contacting that French Bulldog you spotted.

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