Google advises towns that want Fiber to 'make it easy' or 'enjoy your TWC'

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Mariella Moon
February 26, 2015 6:32 AM
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Google advises towns that want Fiber to 'make it easy' or 'enjoy your TWC'

Want Google to bring its Gigabit internet service to your area? You'll have to convince your town to follow Selena Gomez's sage advice: If you want it, come and get it. According to GigaOm, Google Fiber's VP of Access Services Milo Medin said at a Washington DC conference: "If you make it easy, we will come. If you make it hard, enjoy your Time Warner Cable." Chances are, you don't want to stay with TWC like most people, so take note of the usual reasons that hamper Medin and his team from bringing Fiber to particular locations.

As anyone who's ever dealt with bureaucracy can guess, the outdated and rigorous process you need to go through to secure permits is on top of that list. That's followed by towns' penchant for fax machines in a world where email exists. Local authorities also seem to be unable to provide accurate information about their town's infrastructure, which Google needs to plan cable placement. Long and short of it is, towns and cities that want Fiber will have to change their practices and take pointers from Kansas City, Austin or Provo, Utah, if they don't want to miss being considered for the service's upcoming rollouts.

You'll just have to cross your fingers that you don't live in one of the places Google wouldn't even touch, because they're simply unprofitable for internet providers, or in locations where telcos refuse the company access to the telephone infrastructure it needs. You might also want to ask your landlord what his stance on Fiber is. It's apparently pretty common for owners of multi-unit buildings like condos to prevent Google from installing connections in their properties, and it would suck to find out when Fiber has already arrived in your city.

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Google advises towns that want Fiber to 'make it easy' or 'enjoy your TWC'