Google's 'Nexus' phone network might only be for Nexus 6 phones

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Richard Lawler
March 6, 2015 12:08 AM
Google's 'Nexus' phone network might only be for Nexus 6 phones

This week at MWC Google exec Sundar Pichai confirmed rumors that the company plans to launch its own wireless service, but a Wall Street Journal report claims it will only work with Google's Nexus 6 smartphone. Pichai stressed that the service would not operate on a large scale, and restricting it to a single device (even older Nexus phones are reportedly out), would just about fit that. We should've seen this coming once Pichai said it would be the "Nexus" of virtual phone networks, but according to the WSJ it will also combine WiFi connections with the cell networks of Sprint and T-Mobile for service. As the paper points out, other Motorola-built phones are already in use for primarily-WiFi carriers like Republic Wireless and Cablevision's new Freewheel. The newest Nexus 6 and Android Lollipop form the right combination for network-hopping, which could lead to the service launching within the next few weeks.

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