You can now post your interactive 360-degree footage on YouTube

If you picked up a camera that captures video in 360 degrees, sharing that footage just got a little easier. YouTube now supports 360-degree video uploads, so getting the action to eager viewers is a breeze. What's more, if folks watch with the YouTube Android app, moving a phone or tablet pans around all the different angles. I tried it out with the Red Bull F-1 video above, and it's pretty awesome. The same action is done with a mouse click in Chrome too, and support for iOS is on the way. When you upload the file, there's a script you'll need to run to tack on the appropriate metadata, insuring that the footage displays its 360-degree views properly. Soon, that process will be automatic, but for now, it's a necessary step. Ready to see it in action? Well, there's a playlist on the other side of the break that'll allow you to do just that.